We Break Strings Cover

Thom Andrewes & Dimitri Djuric
We Break Strings

We Break Strings is a book of photographs, interviews and essays documenting the rise of the alternative classical music scene in London.

Over the last 10 years, a new alternative classical music scene has emerged in London. A new generation of composers and musicians are presenting classical concerts in non traditional venues. These concerts are happening in warehouses, pubs, car parks and night clubs - essentially creating a new music movement, a scene driven by a desire to create a new space for contemporary music outside of the traditional concert hall.

Thom Andrewes' text draws on conversations with over thirty musicians, composers and promoters, giving a sense of the breadth and complexity of ideas, motivations and influences behind this musical moment. The social, cultural and aesthetic implications of the scene are investigated by commentary and short essays. Dimitri Djuric's photographs document the work of musicians and composers during performances and invade the privacy of rehearsals.

144 pages
21 x 28 cm softcover
ISBN 9780993067006
Includes a 17 track CD
Live @ Nonclassical Vol 1

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